There are a number of pressure / Power Wash Services Rockville MD which service the area of Maryland. They all have varies theories about what the best method for cleaning exterior surfaces. Many use high pressure washing. A1 Super Services have opted to use a low-pressure, soft washing approach with great effectiveness.

High pressure cleaning is known to be affective for many situations where grit and grime needs to be removed. The low-pressure approach has been shown to be more affective. The company claims that surfaces cleaned using their technique remains clean 3 times longer than surfaces cleaned using high pressure.

This cleaning method has also been shown to be extremely surface friendly. It does not matter if you are cleaning wood, vinyl, gutters. All the dirt will be removed without causing any damage to the surface, irrespective of the type of finish such as paint as an example.

There are many types of dirt which can build-up on these surfaces if they are not cleaned regularly. This includes things such as mold, algae and mildew. The soft-wash technique is able to get rid of all of this effectively with the technique and chemicals that A1 Super Services uses.

Besides the house itself, this same approach has proved effective on concrete and stone pathways or walkways. These include areas such as driveways, patios and porches. During the cleaning process all the surrounding plants, shrubs and grass is unaffected. Another plus as many other cleaning processes do have damaging effects on surrounding vegetation.

There is another great advantage. The entire chemical used by this company is environmentally friendly. It is a factor that will receive the support of many potential clients. Most people with similar views will always associate themselves with like-minded people and companies. We are all in the battle of preserving our precious planet.

This company from Maryland also guarantees workmanship or outstanding quality. To ensure that they are always able it live up to this commitment, they deploy workers who have been skilled by receiving the necessary training. The customer also has the confidence that those cleaning the house knows exactly what needs to be done.

If you live in Rockville MD and need to have to have the exterior of your home cleaned, then look no further. A1 Super Services will come and refresh your exterior using an effective low-pressure, soft-wash process.

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