Do you want to spend more time outdoors after being inside during long winters? Would a deck allow you to step outside from your room and enjoy your morning and evening even more? Perhaps you want to relax and enjoy looking at your garden from an elevated vantage point after working in it earlier in the day. Of course, decks can also be wonderful places to entertain friends.
Homeowners find an increasing number of uses for decks. All these uses will influence not only the style and dimensions of your deck but also the material chosen. Choosing the right material and style for your deck will mean years of enjoyment and maintenance ease you did not expect. Before proceeding to style your home with deck we must need to know about the types of decks according to the space and requirements.
Rectangular Decks are the most common deck system. There are countless applications for rectangular including concrete patios, sundecks, and tiered systems. Rectangular decks are easiest to construct.
Octagonal Decks are great for barbecue areas, beach decks, as well as a hot tub deck. These decks are a great addition to any outdoor space.
Splash or Deluxe Pool Decks are the perfect addition for any above-ground pool. It is an affordable way to turn your backyard into a family recreation centre. The Splash Deluxe Pool deck offers additional space to your above-ground pool. The Splash Deluxe deck can be designed for the entire family.
If you are looking for an easy-to-do extension to your above-ground pool, the side pool deck is a great option. This weekend project will increase the enjoyment of any above-ground pool.
Rooftop Decks are made from vinyl for obvious reasons, like no leaking into your home when it rains. Rooftop decks are approved for use as a waterproof deck flooring over living spaces.
While talking about the types of deck we must also know about the material used in decks. Few are listed like; Composites offer a wide choice of colours to homeowners. Homeowners can select a style for their deck that has the look of wood grain, while not having many of the problems wood has over its lifetime. Issues of warping and cracking have long since been resolved by the industry with newer composite material. This newer combination of wood fibre and resins makes composite decks extraordinarily strong. A high-quality composite deck will not warp, crack, or fade. They also stand up well to heavy foot traffic. With the look and feel of real wood, the primary selling point to customers is their low maintenance. Mold and dirt can be cleaned from composite material with a soft bristle brush and mild detergent. Guaranteed from defects in workmanship, splitting, splintering, rot, bug damage and fungal decay composite decks provide peace of mind to homeowners.
Because of the initial cost of composite decks, Pressure treated wood decks are chosen by many homeowners. Pressure treated wood decks can be either sealed or stained. They are made from Southern Yellow Pine, which lasts for years. Although strong, Southern Yellow Pine wood fibres are porous enough to absorb the preservatives necessary to prevent rotting and most damage from bugs for the life of the wood. We must use premium grade pressure treated decking for our decks, which improves the quality and look of the deck.
Some homeowners stain their deck and others will paint them. Stain can provide you with the grain and colour you prefer and enhance the natural characteristics of the wood. Whether a deck is stained or not, experts recommend the wood be sealed.
The experience is invaluable to customers in helping them design the features they want in their decks and other outdoor living spaces. A professional handyman can install best deck accordingly and will consider your existing architecture and ensure your deck will match or complement your home and surroundings.
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