People choose what they deserve, why compromise when we have options to choose. Especially when it is a matter of your dream house décor or security there is no way to compromise. Selecting best locks for your home can be overwhelming when the wide range of options are available to choose from. This is certainly nice that there are plenty of different types of locks available, with their own specific set of advantages and disadvantages. Each lock has its own best application. To select best among them is quite a difficult job to do. Understanding the key differences between the types of door locks helps you make better choices for your facility.
You may want to know what door locks you need to select on your doors, our guide will help you find out best suited door locks with their best applications and the steps to install each of them for your home. Following are the Different Types of Door Locks available in the market these days : –

1. Knob Locks :- These are the most common type of door lock with a cylinder knob. Commonly used for internal doors of the house as they can be broken easily with basic tools like a hammer or wrench

2. Cam Locks :- These are a type of fastener that allows storage to be kept intact. Cam locks secure cabinet doors completely, which make them useable for keeping precious stuff. Cam locks use various tailpieces or “cams” to create a locking mechanism.

3. Deadbolt Lock Types :- Deadbolts offer the best protection against burglary or break-in. Lock bolts are moved by turning a knob or key without using spring. Deadbolts feature a unique locking mechanism that resists physical attacks, battering and boring. They cannot be opened with a knife or hand tool; hence it provides the greatest flexibility and security.

4. Padlocks :- Padlocks belongs to the free-standing lock group. They are portable, unlike other lock types, they are not permanently attached to a door. Padlocks comes in two variants; keyed and combination. Padlocks are easy to recognize, due to their mobility and looped-handle shackle shape.

5. Mortise Locks :- Mortise locks are powerful locks used on external doors. they are available in both light and heavy-duty models. its locksets can house either knobs or levers comprised of a cylindrical body. They are threaded and utilize mortise components added within the door. Mortise locksets stay secure by using a set screw and a cam which creates the locking mechanism.

6. Lever Handle Locks :- These locks are commonly used for inner doors of commercial premises. lever handle locks have a large push-down handle.

7. Euro Profile Cylinder Locks :- These types of locks are frequently used in Europe and North America in room dividing doors and sliding door locks. There are several variants available like; single cylinder, single cylinder with thumb turn and double cylinder.

8. Wall Mounted Locks :- These locks are mounted in the wall, typically found in large businesses. They are often used as an emergency access and can also act as item deposits or small safes.

9. Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders :- These types of locks are used in businesses and larger institutions. They allow you to rekey the lock by swapping out the core without taking the lock apart.

10. Furniture Locks :- These types of locks cover a wide array of locks including sliding door, cabinet, and desk locks. They come in two main types, push-button style and bolt style

11. Vending/T-Handle Locks :- These locks are mainly used in T-handle and vending machine locks. They are quite easy to replace.

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